Carpet Edging

The use of carpets as flooring material is very popular across the globe. However, there are a few rooms in which, carpets will not be the preferred option. For example, carpets are not ideal for kitchens where the traffic will be high and materials like oil and meat are used excessively. In such rooms, tiles will be a wiser option as they are easier to maintain. Carpets are great for décor but are not easy to maintain and install. They have to be held in place properly using metal carpet trims or they can cause hindrance. Orego Metal Co. manufactures metal carpet trim that can be used in the corners of the carpeted room and in places where there is transition of floors.

Few problems will be there in homes where there are carpeted and tiled flooring available. The place where the tile flooring will transition into carpeted flooring is the area of concern. People can trip in such places if the floors are not leveled properly. In such places of tile to carpet transition, it is ideal to use carpet trims. Orego Metal Co. manufactures aluminium carpet trims that will allow for smooth tile to carpet transition. If carpet trims are not used in such places, the possibility of people tripping is large. As people trip on the carpet, it will also damage the carpet and can force the carpet out of the floor. Orego Metal Co. is pioneers in manufacturing aluminium products and the carpet trims manufactured by the company are considered the best in the business.

Similarly, people can trip over if the carpet is not properly installed near the doors. People tend to use carpets of different color and quality in the rooms. There will be places where there will be a transition between two carpets and this transition can cause problems. Carpet cover door strips are ideally suited for such locations, as they will provide a neat transition between two carpets. Orego Metal Co. manufactures carpet cover door strips that are suitable for any typed of sub floors. The carpet cover door strips manufactured by Orego Metal Co. are easy to cut and install and are of very high quality. The product quality of the various products made by Orego Metal Co. are always very high as they give a lot of importance to quality and precision while manufacturing.

Many people feel that using tile carpet trim for places where there is a transition between tile and carpet flooring is a waste of money. What they do not realize is the risk factor that is involved in such transitions wherein people can easily trip and fall if the carpet detaches itself from the floor. By installing high quality tile carpet trim like those made by Orego Metal Co. you will be able to ensure that you greatly reduce the possibility of injury that can be caused when someone trips on the tile and carpet transition. Orego Metal Co. manufactures different types of tile carpet trim and this gives you the option to find a trim that will easily complement the décor of your room or home.

Often when the flooring materials change, the level of flooring will also change. Carpets are available in low, medium and high piles and each type will have a different thickness. It is not possible to match the floor levels between different floor types and in such situations, carpet edging trim can be used to allow for a smooth transition between the two flooring types. Orego Metal Co. manufactures carpet edging trim that can suit carpets of all piles and ay type of flooring. Installing carpet edging trim is also easy and does not require a professional to get it done. If you are handy with the tools, you can complete the installation on your own. If you buy high quality carpet edging trim like the ones made by Orego Metal Co. you will not have to worry about your floor for many years to come.

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