Tile Carpet Trim


Tiles and carpets are two of the most used flooring types in homes and commercial establishments. Most homes will have a combination of carpet and tiles as flooring options and this poses certain problems. Carpets are soft and this can cause problems when there is a transition between tile and carpet flooring. To get the perfect transitions between tile and carpet flooring, you can use tile carpet trim. These trims will help to keep the flooring in place, especially carpet and will prevent any damage from happening to it. Orego Metal Co. is famous for manufacturing high quality tile carpet trim made of aluminium and are said to be the pioneers in manufacture of aluminium products.

Orego Metal Co. manufactures tile carpet trim that are of very high quality as they have a dedicated workforce that has a lot of experience in working with aluminium. Orego Metal co. has ensured that they provide their workforce with the most sophisticated machinery to enable them to maintain high standards. When you use any element as part of the home d├ęcor, it has to be of good quality and finish. Orego Metal Co. understands the requirements of their customers and therefore are able to manufacture aluminium products that are to the specifications that the customer is looking for.

Tile carpet trim are available in a wide variety of materials. However, the popular options are wood and aluminium. Wood can give a good finish, but has issues related to installation and durability. Aluminium tile carpet trim is durable, lightweight and cheaper when compared to wood trim. If you buy tile carpet trim manufactured by renowned companies like Orego Metal Co. you can be rest assured that they would last for a lifetime.

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