Tile to Carpet Transition


Though many may not agree there would have been occasions where people have tripped over carpets, especially in areas where there is a transition between two types of flooring. In places where there is tile to carpet transition, there is likelihood that the carpet will be detached from the floor. The edges of the carpet would have been damaged and can spoil the beauty of the room. Orego Metal Co. manufactures trims that can be used in such places of transition. This will help to keep the carpet in place and remain stuck to the floor. Orego Metal co. manufactures different types of aluminium products that are or very high quality and one such product is carper trims.

It is common to see a house or commercial space have more than one type of flooring. The floorings will have varying thickness and this can pose a problem when there is a transition between two types of flooring. Tiles, wood and carpet are popular choices for flooring used in homes. Most homes will have areas where there will be tile to carpet transition. By using carpet trims in such transitions, we can help prevent people from tripping and can prevent from any damage happening to the carpet. Orego Metal Co. has been in the business of manufacturing aluminium products for many years. The carpet trims manufactured by Orego Metal Co. are popular among people as they are generally of very high quality and finish.

Not many metal companies can brag about high quality and finish in all the products they manufacture. However, Orego Metal Co. is an exception as they are renowned for the quality and finish of each of their products.

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